Reaching Pellestrina by car

• Reaching Pellestrina from Venice / Piazzale Roma

Whichever direction you arrive from, all directions for Venice lead to Piazzale Roma (the furthest point that can be reached by car).
Once in Piazzale Roma, park the car in one of the many pay parking areas and then take one of the Vaporettos (water boats) that head to the Lido S. Maria Elisabetta stop (very frequent).
Get off at the Lido S. Maria Elisabetta stop and take the ACTV no. 11 bus. Continue to remain on the bus, as it boards the ferry and travels around the entire island of Pellestrina.
Get off at the "Scuole" stop.

• Reaching Pellestrina from Venice / Tronchetto

Compared to Piazzale Roma, a less-expensive alternative is to park in the Parcheggio del Tronchetto located on the right after crossing the long bridge that connects the mainland to Venice, approximately 500 metres before Piazzale Roma.
From Tronchetto take one of the Vaporettos (water boats) to the Lido S. Maria Elisabetta stop. Get off at the Lido S. Maria Elisabetta stop and take the ACTV no. 11 bus. Continue to remain on the bus, as it boards the ferry and travels around the entire island of Pellestrina.
Get off at the "Scuole" stop.
Alternatively, from Tronchetto you can take the Ferry boat, but this arrives at the Lido S.Nicolò stop, approximately 500 metres from Lido S.Maria Elisabetta from where the ACTV no. 11 bus leaves.

• Reaching Pellestrina from Chioggia

If travelling by car, you can park in the multi-storey car park and several outdoor parking areas located in Chioggia at via Isola Saloni.
On foot reach the station at Piazzetta Vigo where the no. 11 Vaporetto (water boat) to Pellestrina/Cimitero leaves.
The Venetia Domus building is located approximately 300 metres from the Vaporetto (water boat) stop and is easy to reach on foot.
It is also possible to take the no. 11 bus that connects with the Vaporetto (water boat) and which goes as far as Lido di Venezia. Get off at the second stop (Scuole)

Reaching Pellestrina by car
Travelling by car on the island of Pellestrina is currently allowed, and if required, it is possible to board the car on the Ferry boat, which leaves from the Island of Tronchetto and arrives at the Lido S. Nicolò stop. By car: drive through the island to the Alberoni and board a second Ferry boat that connects the Lido of Venice with the Island of Pellestrina.


For those arriving by train, the Vaporetto (water boat) stop is located just outside the train station of Saint Lucia.
Take any line that reaches the Lido S. Maria Elisabetta stop (very frequent).
Get off at the Lido S. Maria Elisabetta stop and take the ACTV no. 11 bus. Continue to remain on the bus as it boards the ferry and travels around the entire island of Pellestrina.
Get off at the "Scuole" stop.


From Marco Polo International Airport, walk to the cruise terminal.
Take the Vaporetto (water boat) towards Lido.
Take the No. 11 direct bus service to Pellestrina.


A bus service for the Chioggia-Lido route runs along the entire length of the island of Pellestrina.

Ferry boat

The Island of Pellestrina can be reached by ferry (only from the Venice side).
Cars can board at Tronchetto stop station in Venice. Get off at Lido, drive across the island and board the car on the ferry boat to Pellestrina.

Vaporetto (water boat)

Several lines are available:

Marco Polo Airport - Lido S. M. Elisabetta
Piazzale Roma - Lido S. M. Elisabetta
Santa Lucia Station - Lido S. M. Elisabetta
Tronchetto Car Park - Lido S.M. Elisabetta
Arriving from Chioggia – at the Piazzetta Vigo stop, in direction Pellestrina, take the Vaporetto water boat (only passengers) to reach the Island of Pellestrina.

Personal water taxi

The island of Pellestrina is equipped with comfortable boarding areas located on the lagoon side. Venice and Chioggia are easily reached via the lagoon.


A complex project for a precious result.

The project involves the restoration of the Monastero dell’Apparizione [Monastery of the Apparition], a building of great historical significance for the island and for Venice itself. Built around the Sanctuary that gives it its name - still today a pilgrimage destination - the estate has always stood out for its architectural quality and for the central role it played in life on the Island. Such aspects are related to its fascinating location; it overlooks both the sea and the lagoon and is the only building on the island that extends over its entire width. This narrow strip of land, stretching between the sea and the lagoon, is a special place and well represents the uniqueness of this Venetian island.

Built in 1716 by the renowned architect Andrea Tiralli, the estate had always been an important social, cultural and historical landmark for Venice and over time it has continued to serve as a gathering point and to provide services to the population of the lagoon. Once its first “monastic mission” ended, and considering the area’s salubriousness, the estate was transformed into a hotel specialising in thalassotherapy treatments for tuberculosis. Later, when this terrible disease was eradicated, the building was used as a boarding school, equipped with specialised laboratories in order to introduce young local people to craft activities. Requisitioned during World War II, the building was also used as a military command structure.

After 1930, a wing that lies perpendicular to the sea was added to the building, and in order to preserve and protect this prestigious estate, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism placed the most severe restrictions on the property as concerns its use and in terms of its conservative restoration. The new restoration project has been assigned to the renowned Venetian architect Alessandro Scarpa who, after years of studies, researches, and meetings, in close collaboration with architects from the Soprintendenza delle Belle Arti e del Paesaggio [Italian Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendency], was able to obtain this difficult authorisation from all the supervisory and protection agencies for the purpose of developing the property into prestigious luxury homes. Due to intelligent design choices it was possible to reconcile restoration and the enhancement of historical features with usability of the property. Although complying with the numerous restrictions imposed by Ministerial constraints, 35 residential units will be obtained by recovering sections of the spacious corridors, which feature vaulted ceilings and porthole-style windows. Although there are plans for two external glazed facades, it will be possible to emphasise and harmonise the building’s two different eras of construction (1700 and 1900), as well as restore vision and integrity to the original ancient facade. With this restoration project, the characteristic features of the Estate will be recovered and enhanced, in particular, the internal garden with its ancient Venetian Well.




Project value

The Estate is situated on a vast uncovered area directly overlooking both the Venetian Lagoon, where it is possible to moor private crafts, and also the sea, where there is access to a large, almost exclusive, private beach. This is the ideal location to enjoy moments of absolute peace and relaxation. Connected by Bus/Ferry boat to the centre of Venice and to the Lido, and easy to reach even from Chioggia, the island of Pellestrina, with its 4,000 inhabitants, has managed to maintain over time the ancient characteristics of a Fishing Village. Everything here is slow, relaxing - even the passage of time.

An oasis of peace, where life can be lived in a seemingly never-changing natural environment and in a historical luxury estate, where services are already in place for a community with ancient traditions, just a few steps from Venice with its vivacious international atmosphere and a cultural environment offering an overflowing calendar of events. Different in dimension and in architectural detail, the 35 apartments will be built with fine quality materials and using construction techniques, fully consistent with the excellence of the property.

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